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Dueck Brothers Trucking Ltd.

About Us

Dueck Brothers Trucking Ltd. was formed in 1993 as a small, family owned business intended to custom haul cube van freight. Then, in 1997, the brothers decided to add a couple of dry vans to the fleet to expand their business. Since then, Dueck Brothers Trucking has continued to grow. We now have a fleet of 10 dry vans, 2 single owner operators, 2 team owner operators and 2 company drivers. Dueck Brothers has also expanded our customer base to service the majority of Canada and the United States.

At Dueck Brothers Trucking Ltd., we are committed to providing quality in a variety of ways. We strive to exceed your expectations in delivering your freight safely, securely and on-time.

2009 - Dueck Brothers Trucking Ltd. is now a Canadian - Bonded Carrier